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The 3rd International Divesity Run

The3rd International Diversity Run
Supporting Women’s Social Progress

●Running Event to Support Women’s Social Progress
The global society has expanded women’s opportunities in society since Equal
Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women law came into effect.
In honor of the achievement of Ms. Beate Sirota Gordon who contributed herself
to the draft of the article of the new Constitution of Japan about human rights
and gender equality after the World War ll, we succeed to her achievement and
hold an awarding event as well as a running event for women who play an active
part in a new era in and out of Japan.

Date:May.23.2021 (Sunday) 8:00-13:00 (rain or shine)
Place:Symbol Promenade Park Tokyo Japan

The Points of the Event
●Getting to Know Each Other through Running
Running requires the natural and safe environment. Running is a sport which various
different people can enjoy regardless of their generations and nationalities; and
it plays an important role in one’s health care and valuable life.
The philosophy of running will enable us to get to know each other well.

●Supporting Women’s Social Progress
We support especially women’s social progress by putting an emphasis on the diversity
of work place in society. We select women who are successful in and out of Japan
and Awarding them.

●Deepening Mutual Understanding with Foreign Diplomats
This is a running event for diplomats, embassy related people and individuals
to participate in.It will be a good PR of each embassy.

Entry Qualification
Physically fit with a clean bill of health.

For the top 3 men and women in the age groups: 29years old or less, 30s, 40s ,50
and over (All runners will get a finishing award.)

20km Fixed Number 300,EntryFee JPY 4,900.
10km Fixed Number 300,EntryFee JPY 4,500.
5km Fixed Number 300,EntryFee JPY 3,900.
Relay Run 20km Fixed Number 300,EntryFee JPY 3,500.(per person)4~8persons

●Course Map 20km(2.5kmX8 round) 10km(2.5kmX4 round) 5km(2.5kmX2 round) Relay run20km(2.5kmX8 round)

●Registration in English: 「Sports Entory」The 3rd International Diversity Run

Event URL:

EntryDeadline:May 9.2021(Sunday)

Organized by:International Diversity Run 2021 Executive Committee,
NPO Active Int’l Association

Last updated: 26 April, 2021
Date 23 May, 2021
Time 8:00-13:00
Venue Symbol Promenade Park Tokyo Japan