The 14th Okinoshima Ultramarathon

Okinoshima Ultramarathon is a marathon contest set in Okinoshima floating in the Sea of Japan.

The event is the second event of the 100 km part and the 50 km part.
Starting start time: 100 km Course 5:00 am/50 km course 11:30 am

※Video is a thing of the past.

Last updated: 15 April, 2019

16 June, 2019

100 km / 16000 yen, 50 km / 12000 yen Including food and drink charges during the competition, memorial goods charges, injury insurance fee, record measurement expenses, etc.)

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Okinoshima-cho general gymnasium (Goal Venue)

1437, Sakaemachi, Okinoshima-cho Oki-gun, Shimane 685-0011