Location: Yamanashi

Sakura Onsen Street illumination (Isawa Onsen) 2018

Sakura hot spring street of Ishiwa Onsen shines in illumination.

Ryūō Station Illumination of the forest 2018(Yamanashi)

The world of fantastic light created by illumination such as “Mount Fuji” in the south exit, “Senga Falls” by shosenkyo…

Lake Kawaguchiko’s Fireworks in Winter 2019

Let’s enjoy the fireworks at winter by the foot in Mt. Fuji ! event date: 1/12 ~ 2/17 on Saturday…

Saiko Ice Festival 2019

The Mori Park at Saiko Wild Bird Sancturary transforms itself into a winter playground. Ice sculptures of “silver frost” on…

Kaiwinery – Winery Tour

We would like to introduce our wine and work. ※ Closed : Thursday