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Homestay in JAPAN specialize in planning and arranging homestays in Japan. We have somewhere around 2,200 host families registered thoughtout Japan.
Around 1,200 people went through Nextage to enjoy a homestay in Japan a year.
If you have any inquiries regarding Homestay, please contact Nextage Homestay in JAPAN!!

It's a chance to become a member of a Japanese family, study Japanese and of course, learn more about the culture, customs and lifestyle in Japan. Getting to Japan is as easy as buying air tickets; getting the chance to actually meet Japanese people is much more difficult. So why not make your own home away from home in Japan?
  • Party with Hostfamily

  • Vacation Homestays

  • Going out with Hostfamily

  • Family photo

  • Karaoke with Hostfamily

  • Cooking Takoyaki with Hostfamily