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Paper Cutting Art by Taeko Mochizuki

We will exhibit more than 70 works produced in 10 years. “Paper-cutting” with the desire to leave memorable scenery and events, such as the life and events of the rural villages of Shinshu that I was familiar with when I was a child, the Alps that always gave me courage, and the mountains that I climbed in my youth. I am producing. Most people think that “paper-cutting” is a piece of paper cut out, but the Japan Kirie Association calls “paper-cutting painting technique” “Kirie” and cuts it. It is defined as flat modeling by technique, and it can be freely expressed in that category. However, around this time, there are no clear rules, such as the emergence of three-dimensional paper-cutting. Under such circumstances, I would like to describe it as “paper-cutting” and use various techniques within the range that does not spoil the beauty of the cut lines, and create it as a picture rather than a craft. A “paper cutout” consists of a piece of paper to cut out and a mount to which it is attached. In the past, black paper was mainly cut out (or left uncut) and pasted on a white mount, but in recent years, colorful color cutouts have become common. When the mount becomes color, the taste changes. At the same time, the paper you cut can be changed into various things. I mainly use black paper for cutting, use the bleeding of Japanese paper for the mount, make my own colored paper by sputtering, and apply the technique of pattern painting to make something that meets the work. We are doing it. Also, the technique of sticking paper of each color from the back according to the shape, such as green leaves and pink flowers, takes 5 to 10 times longer than cutting. If you look at the beauty of the cut lines, how to express the colors (whether they are painted or colored paper), and what kind of ingenuity the mount has, you can deepen the cutout. I hope you can taste it. Please go to see the real thing. We look forward to.

Last updated: 22 March, 2022
Date 20 May, 2022 - 29 May, 2022
Time 11:00~18:00
Price Free entrance
Venue Art Gallery Dogenzaka
1-15-3、dogenzaka、Shibuya-ku、Tokyo 150-0043