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The 31th Sakata Nihonkai Codfish Festival 2018

Taste of the winter Sea of Japan, Dongara-jiru (Dongara-jiru) of cold cod and local cuisine of Sakata link the eaves…

Sant Juan Illuminations Tree 2017

The Sant Juan Illumination Tree is a well-known seasonal event of winter in Ishimaki. The whole ship, the Sant Juan…

KOIWAI Winter Illumination 2017

Illuminations largest in Tohoku are held at Koiwai farm. Please enjoy fantastic space that brightness weaves.

Centrair Sky Illumination 2017 – The Cathedral’s Bell

The highly popular winter illuminated decoration of Centrair brings this year a fantasy of lights entitled “Centrair Sky Illumination 2017…

Sakae-machi Ajiki Station Season Illumination(CHIBA)

This year the scale is expanded and it is colored with about 100,000 spheres of light. Christmas version:2017/11/20-2017/12/25 Valentine’s version:2018/01/12-2018/02/14…

Festival of the light in OSAKA 2017

Festival of the Lights in Osaka 2017′s core program is “Mido-suji Illumination 2017″ and Aqua Metropolis Osaka’s symbolic art festival…

Kyoto Illumiale 2017-2018

In nature, 1 million illuminations, and snow and aurora are collaboration.

Nagoya Christmas Market 2017

“Christmas market” is German traditional market at “Advent” which is for 4 weeks before Xmas. “Nagoya Christmas market” was opened…

Churashima Fireworks 2017

There are many good spots that you can take photos of illuminations clearly. Local performers will take the stage, and…

Winter Festival Flower Park Illuminations 2017-2018(KAGOSHIMA)

In Flower Park Kagoshima, lawn, flowers and the smell of the corridor, the park is decorated with “Light Tunnel” of…

Akehama Seaside Illumination 2018(EHIME)

It is a large-scale illumination which will be held at Akehama Seaside Sun Park in the center of Akehamacho. We…

Kochi castle – Castle festival of winter 2017

The Kochi castle is wrapped in illuminations.

Manno Park Winter Fantasy 2017-2018

Including a variety of ground illumination drawn to the vast earth, highlight full of light tunnel of about 100m, and…

Takagai-Ishizumi Light-Up 2017

“Takagai no Ishizumi”, which was chosen as “100 Japanese Splendid Villages”, is the symbol of the life, culture and history…

Midtown Christmas 2017

To center the illumination that became a winter poetic charm, welcomes you to offer a variety of events.

GOLDEN ISLAND ZIPANGU illumination 2017-2018

Omnidirectional experience type illumination of 1,000,000 spheres scale, the largest prefecture in the theme of “GOLDEN ISLAND ZIPANGU”.

Adati Festival of Lights 2017

Adati Festival of Lights is illuminated with about 700,000 lights In Motofuchie park.

BIWAKO OTSUKAN 2017 Illumination

In BIWAKO OTSUKAN, the adjacent English Garden was lit up to the main venue with illumination.

Winter Light Stories 2017 (GIFU)

Approximately illumination consisting of approximately 500,000 lights brightly decorates the park. ※Video is a thing of the past.

Art Illumination at Yamanakako (Lake) 2017-2018

Beautiful illumination appears in Yamanakako during winter! There is also a fireworks launch on every week Saturday till Christmas.