Location: Akita

Kakunodate Fire swing “KAMAKURA” 2019

New year event in Kakunodate town.


SAKE GARDEN is a Japanese sake event in Akita. Many new brew sake made in Akita get together for the…

Oyasukyo Shigakko Festival 2019

Giant icicles that can be found in the Oyasukyo are lit up during the festival and many photographers visit the…

Inukko Matsuri 2019

Inukko Matsuri is a Yuzawa folk event that lasts about 400 years.

Kanchokai Sake Summit 2019

Kanchokai Sake Summit is a tasting Japanese sake event in Kanchokai area. The area is blessed by climate and natural…

Akita prefectural museum business trip exhibition – Otoko-naki Kaden Land in Semboku-city -

An exhibition using a business trip of the Akita prefectural museum. Exhibition of old-fashioned entertainment appliances and cameras of radio…

Kita Akita Kirakira Festival 2018

Yoneshiro Children’s park and Ginza-dori shopping street are colored with illumination.

Shinzan Shrine Hadaka-mairi 2019

On the freezing early morning, about 300 young men, half naked, climb up at one burst the 2-km approach with…