Category: Ramen

Nara Ramen expo 2019

This is a ramen event held in Nara Prefecture.

Nyūzen Ramen Matsuri & Sweets Matsuri 2018

This ramen event was started to energize Nyuzen town by mainly youth group of Nyuzen commerce and industry association in…

Tsugaru han Rally of Chinese noodles in Oku Tsugaru 2019

This event is the stamp rally which 29 ramen shops of Aomori participate in. If you get stamps to fulfill…

Kitakyushu Ramen Championship 2019

Ramen Shops contest the No.1 ramen in Kitakyushu. Please enjoy individual ramens’ tastes in this event!

All Japan Ramen Festa 2019(Winter Festival in Kitakata 2019)

This is one of the biggest ramen event in Japan. Various ramen shops participate in this event.  

Kasugai gourmet championship 2019

This is an event about foods to be held in Kasugai city of Aichi prefecture.

The 5th Kagoshima Ramen Championship(2019)

“Kagoshima Ramen Championship” is an event that determines No.1 ramen of Kagoshima. This event is going to be held at…

The 8th Men-1 Grand Prix in Tatebayashi 2019

Tatebayashi city in Gumma is the city of noodle and hometown of Udon. This is the big event that decide…

Ramen Joshi Haku in Shizuoka -Ramen girls Festival- 2019

This is the ramen event held in Shizuoka.

Nagoya Ramen Matsuri 2019

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Hisaya Ōdori Park in Nagoya!


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