Category: Ramen

Ramen EXPO 2018 in Bampakukoen

“Ramen EXPO 2018 in Bampakukoen” is one of the largest ramen event in Japan. Local ramen which is selected from…

Yamanashi Ramen Grand Prix 2018

This is an event which is open famous ramen shop in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Ramen Joshi Haku in Shizuoka -Ramen girls Festival- 2019

This is the ramen event held in Shizuoka.

Nagoya Ramen Matsuri 2019

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Hisaya Ōdori Park in Nagoya!

Ramen Festival in Mito Part4

The Ramen event will be held in Mito City, Ibaraki.

Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa 2018

Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa is a ramen event held in Osaka.

Mt. Fuji Ramen battle 2018 Autumn

Fuji-Q Highland holds popular ramen picking events.

Hiroshima Ramen Stadium 2018

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Old Hiroshima Stadium.

2018 Yamagata Ramen Map

This event is the stamp rally which 60 ramen shops of Yamagata participates in. If you visit over 3 of…

Matsudo Ramen Summit 2018

This is the ramen event that opening of the three well-known stores that were selected from three famous ramen shops…

Ramen Joshi Haku in Kumamoto -Ramen girls Festival- 2018

Even if “woman is alone, we want to spread culture that can eat ramen”. Noodles which we choose and pulled…

Dai Tsukemen Haku 2018 10th Anniversary

This is an event that decides the most delicious ramen shop in Japan.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

What kind of ramen can I eat? In TOKYO RAMEN SHOW 2018, there are “local ramen” from around Japan. And…


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