Location: Aichi

NAGANO WINE Fes in Nagoya 2018

NAGANO WINE Fes is a wine event to connect with Nagano and wine lovers in Nagoya. wineries from Nagano get…

Nagoya Ramen Matsuri 2019

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Hisaya Ōdori Park in Nagoya!

Sweets Exhibition (Nagoya)

This event is an exhibition that unravels “why does sweets make people feel happy?”

Vol.60 Mammoth Flea Market Z 2018 Autumn

Mammoth free market is Japan’s largest free market in which the TV Aichi in twice a year (spring and fall)…

Japanese Sake Party 2018

24 Japanese sake breweries get together and bring their special sake at this event. Enjoy the appeal of Japanese sake.

Nagoya Festival 2018

The main event is gorgeous parade featuring the Three Feudal Lords (Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa ).  You…

The 66th “Aigakusai” 2018

We promise to make it like a magical college festival. That’s why we are preparing a lot of tricks. We…