Location: Aichi

Souriike plum festival 2019

Plum will bloom through mid-March from mid-February to around Souriike. During the festival period, various events such as stage events…

Whisky Tests 2019

“Whiskey test” is an examination to know more whiskey and knowledge to enjoy more.

Meeting to know the Sake brewery of the East Mikawa 2019 (Toyohashi)

How to enjoy the event: About 40 kinds of Japanese sake tasting Chief brewer at a sake brewery talk The…


Aperformance featuring famous local samurai!

Kasugai gourmet championship 2019

This is an event about foods to be held in Kasugai city of Aichi prefecture.

Nenohi Kurabiraki 2019

Amongst many sake brewers February is seen as the best time to open for business each year. It is called…

Whisky Lovers Nagoya 2019

Whiskey event in Nagoya is held the 3rd time. Whisky lovers can communicate through whisky.

LIQUOR MOUNTAIN presents Wine Festa in Nagoya 2019

It is one of the biggest wine tasting event in Nagoya. Find your favorite wine!

Centrair Sky Illumination 2018 – Sanctuary of Light

This is a solemn “cathedral.” Going under the row of transepts, visitors will see a sparkling “cathedral.” “Flower Illuminations” will…

Nagoya Ramen Matsuri 2019

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Hisaya Ōdori Park in Nagoya!

Sweets Exhibition (Nagoya)

This event is an exhibition that unravels “why does sweets make people feel happy?”