2017/05/01 - 2017/05/31
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  • Ibaraki

Itako Iris Festival 2017

In the historic festival, which started in 1952, Initially, lovers of blue flag iris and had been made to put…

The 12th Ushiku health walk 2017

Why do not you enjoy walking while feeling the sights and nature of Ushiku city? Ushiku city has a natural…

Bando Morning Market (May) 2017

We will hold a morning market Aozora Marche. There are plenty of fun projects and shops.

OLD/NOW Car Festival 2017

“OLD/NOW Car Festival” is the annual event of Golden Week held on May 5 every year since 1986, and it…

Child era festival (Mito) 2017

Why do not you take a commemorative photo by wearing a period costume at Kairakuen which is in full bloom….

The 2nd Mito Niku-Meshi Battle in Senbako Lake 2017

A gourmet event will be held in Senbako Lake in Golden Week. Please enjoy delicious gourmet while watching the lake.

Naka City Double Cherry Blossoms Festival 2017

Shizumine Furusato Koen to make this festival is the attractions of double cherry. About 2,000 of double cherry bloom in…

Okukuji chanosato park

● Soba experience: 1,340yen Reservation required. You may want to book with over 6 people. ● Hand of tea fir…

Sakura traffic park

Sakura traffic park is a park for the vehicle. In the park, you can see the real masterpiece of steam…