2017/05/01 - 2017/05/31
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  • Niigata

Sadokoku Ondeko Dot Com 2017

This big event brings together many Ondeko groups from all over Sado. (Ondeko, or Oni-daiko, is Sado’s unique classical performance…

Iwanohara Vineyard Wine Fes 2017

Let’s enjoy Iwanohara wine and great dishes under blue sky. There are winery tours, tasting, seminars and so on.

The 42th Sogensai

It is a festival telling myoko spring.

Uonuma moss phlox Festival 2017

moss phlox is blooming in Uonuma this year too! On Saturday and Sunday during the festival, there are plenty of…


In PLARAIL EXPO in NIIGATA there are plenty of fun attractions and products that can only be purchased at events…

Tainai Tulip Festival 2017

It is an annual spring festival every year. This year we will also hold colorful tulips, mazes and plenty of…

Niigata Senbei Okoku

Senbei Okoku, which means “the kingdom of rice crackers,” offers visitors the rare opportunity to try roasting rice crackers by…