2017/01/01 - 2017/12/31
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  • Shizuoka

Mt.Fuji Gourmet Festival 2017

Enjoy eating many kinds of food from the foot of Mt.Fuji.

Omaezaki Minato Katsuo Matsuri 2017

Omaezaki Minato Katsuo Matsuri means bonito festival at Omaezaki port. The organizers will hold an event bonito sashimi, raw Shirasu…

Gotemba Sparkling Garden 2017

Gotemba Sparkling Garden is tasting of sparkling wine event. 20 kinds of wines and great dishes wait for you!

Numazu Suisanmatsuri 2017

The Numazu Suisanmatsuri will be held  in Numazu Fishing port.A free shuttle bus service runs between the Numazu Station venue.

Granship Train Festa 2017

Attractions full of two days in the model railroad studded! Each year also mini SL riding associations and railway uniforms…

Shizuoka Oktoberfest 2017

“Oktoberfest” is the world’s largest beer festival held in autumn every year in Munich, Germany. A huge beer garden that…

The 78th The Black Ship Festival 2017

Festival theme: Time Travel to the Dawn of Japan’s Modernization – Where am I? Have passersby stepped out of the…

Shizuoka hobby show 2017

A plastic model, a radio control car, and 74 companies of domestic famous makers of a railroad model meet together,…

B grade gourmet Stadium in Ecopa 2017

B grade gourmet in the inside and outside of Shizuoka gathers!

U.S. MARINES Camp Fuji Friendship Festival 2017

At the foot of Mount Fuji, is open to the public of US MARINES Camp Fuji in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture,…

Ukiyo-e Demonstration & Workshops

Demonstrations and workshops by The Adachi Foundation for the Preservation of Woodcut Printing who continue the Edo-period techniques of woodcut…

Shizuoka Samba Carnival 2017

Grave event in the Golden Week held at a center city in Shizuoka-shi. A carefully selected samba team dyes a…


Dance Music & Art Festival in Izu Peninsula.

Hamamatsu Festival 2017

Hamamatsu festival also came this year. I participate, and, heroic “kite-flying battle” and 83 or “pulling in” a palace street…

Komuroyama park Azalea festival 2017

In the vast park of 35,000 square meters, about 100 kinds of azaleas of 40 kinds bloom like red carpet…

Shizuoka Sweets Fair 2017

Special sweets made in Shizuoka are lined up at this event, “Shizuoka Sweets Fair”. There are over 39 shops from…

Nikufes SHIZUOKA 2017

It caused a “meat boom” in Japan, will be held in Japan’s largest food event “Niku Fes (meat festival)” in…

Azalea Festival in Izu panorama park 2017

“Azalea Festival” will be held in accordance with the flowering of azalea! Azalea of approximately 35,000 is so beautiful! There…


Ukiyoe-Hanga is now appreciated as a work of art, but in the Edo era, it was also considered a form…