2017/04/01 - 2017/04/30
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  • Shizuoka

Komuroyama park Azalea festival 2017

This event has ended.

Shizuoka Sweets Fair 2017

This event has ended.

Nikufes SHIZUOKA 2017

This event has ended.


Ukiyoe-Hanga is now appreciated as a work of art, but in the Edo era, it was also considered a form…

Lake Hamana Flower Festa 2017

Held a “flower” was enhance the “Lake Hamana flower Festa 2017″ to more flower Expo from next spring, in cooperation…

Kashiwaya Hina-Matsuri 2017

This event has ended.

The Three Hiroshige

This event has ended.

Yuufuugama 1day trial classroom Pottery

I produced cups, small bowl, dishes, etc., the two works. I will produce two works in one and a half…

Shuzenji papermaking experience

It was made ​​a lot because they use Tokugawa Ieyasu prefer for about 650 years ago, monks Shuzenji is spread…

Aoisample – Make food sample

Let’s make food sample! Simple curse (1,670yen) You can make strap made width parts of sweets and tempura. Simple curse…