2017/01/01 - 2017/12/31
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  • Shiga

The 3rd Nagahama Satsuki Bonsai Exhibition

White, red, pink, purple, such as soft colors in bloom “Satsuki”, in order to bloom in the Satsuki of the…

The 3rd Nagahama Setsuki Bonsai Exhibition 2017

Satsuki is also very popular as a bonsai. Please enjoy various Satsuki Bonsai.

The 33rd Shizugatake Festival 2017

A fun event will be held at the foot of Shizugatake. There are lots of stage shows, shops, mochi maki…

Ashifuse-no-some 2017

A horse racing ceremony held at a shrine with a long connection to horses. There are only two horse races…

Foleo tedukuri-market(May)

Foleo Otsu Ichiriyama “Foleo tedukuri-market” to be held on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month in principle. It…

The 49th Kusatsu Shukuba Festival 2017

The Kusatsu Shukuba Matsuri Festival is held on April 30 to celebrate Kusatsu’s history as a post town on the…

The 23rd spring’s Shigaraki station front Pottery Market

We hold “The 23rd spring’s Shigaraki station front Pottery Market” annually. Booths of Shigaraki-yaki as well as delicious local food…

Katatakozoku Nigiwai-ichi「spring」

It is an event where the attraction unique to the area is clogged up. Katatakozoku Nigiwai-ichi「spring」:Held on April 23 (Sun)…

Hachiman Matsuri 2017

This event has ended.

Omihachiman Sagicho Festival 2017

This event has ended.

Fire Festival at Ktsube Shrine 2017

This event has ended.