2017/11/01 - 2017/11/30
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  • Osaka

Kongo Kirameki Illumination 2017

Walk 300m from the Kongo Shopping Mall to the Koya Line Kongo Station to see a rose gold, blue, and…

Osaka-jo Castle Illuminage 2017-2018

Slip back in time to Japan 150 years ago!? Running for a limited period of three months, the “Japanese Illumination”…

KAIYUKAN(Osaka Aquarium) Winter Illumination 2017-2018

This winter KAIYUKAN, the number of creatures light shining space than ever before. Looking forward to the world of the…

Festival of the light in OSAKA 2017

This event has ended.

Osaka Bio Wine Festa 2017

This event has ended.

(日本語) 図案のすすめ ミュシャとデザイン

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a leading painter and decorative artist of the Art Nouveau movement that flourished in the late…

Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa 2017

This event has ended.

NAMBA Walk Autumn Feast Coupons 2017

This event has ended.

WASHO cooking class, Osaka Japan

Washo is a kitchen, in which you will learn how to cook meal with Japanese ingredients and seasonings in Japanese…

Hands on Taiko (TAIKO-LAB)

Taiko Center offers workshop in Japan. If you have plan to visit Japan. please book our workshop. it is a…

Takomasa Dotonbori store: Takoyaki learning experience

In the “octopus-chang”, and conduct “Takoyaki learning experience” and try to Itadako to experience the joy of making a grilled…

Konpeito Museum(Sakai Petit Museum): Konpeito workshop

You can experience the handmade Konpeito kettle at a mini (diameter 85cm) ! Souvenir with a “my Konpeito”! *Details to…

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

At the Museum of Housing and Living, take a walk through time and experience the history of Osaka, from ancient…