2017/05/01 - 2017/05/31
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  • Nara

Nara Contemporary Crafts Fair2017 chinyuisodategusa

High quality Japanese craft fair.Eating and drinking in Nara and Craft experience and Traditional techniques.It is packed with charm of…

KENPYO-SAI(Ice Dedication Festival) 2017

This is a traditional event dating back to the fact that deities were enshrined in a Himuro, or a storage…

Hase Peony Festival 2017

Peony on the 7000 stock 150 type is synonymous with Hase This time it is wrapped in flower most of the…

KAIKEI -The Great Master of Buddhist Sculpture-

Kaikei (快慶) was a Japanese Busshi (sculptor of Buddha statue) of Kamakura period, known alongside Unkei. Because many busshi of…