2017/01/01 - 2017/12/31
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  • Yamaguchi

Hagi, Summer Orange Festival 2017

Summer Orange is a specialty of Hagi. Summer Orange has been popular as a landscape of Hagi. In the “Hagi,…

Shinkawaichi festival 2017

The Shinkawaichi festival takes place between May 3 to May 5 as a thanksgiving to the god of “grain, river and sea”.

The 27th Hagi yaki Festival 2017

Every year, about 50 Hagi Grill Kilns and dealers will open and will do big deal sale for 5 days….

Somen Nagash at Suijin Park 2017

It is a beautiful natural park of the mountain stream along the mountain path at the foot of the east…

The 40th Kintai-kyo Bridge Festival 2017

April 29 each year marks the date of the Kintaikyo Festival, designed to demonstrate residents’ gratitude for their ancestors who…

yab Ramen expo in Kudamatsu

This event has ended.

TOKIWA Fantasia 2016

This event has ended.

Hagi Illumination Festa 2016

This event has ended.


This event has ended.

Shunan Winter Tree Festival 2016

This event has ended.

Experience making goldfish lantern/Yanai striped cloth

Hands on experience with making “Goldfish lantern” and “Yanai striped cloth”. This one story wooden house was built towards the…

Chogen no sato: Folk art craft experience

I can make that experience with their own hands the old-fashioned folk art crafted. Let’s make a one-of-a-kind work with…

Hagiyaki Kaikan:Ceramic art experience

In the “Hagiyaki Kaikan”, I hold can have you feeling in the body and skill Hagi tradition of the “ceramic…