2017/12/01 - 2017/12/31
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  • Yamaguchi

Year-end fish market in Hagi

This event has ended.

Pride Globefish Festival 2018

This event has ended.

Hagi Illumination Festa 2017

This event has ended.

TOKIWA Fantasia 2017

This event has ended.

Shunan Winter Tree Festival 2017

This event has ended.

Experience making goldfish lantern/Yanai striped cloth

Hands on experience with making “Goldfish lantern” and “Yanai striped cloth”. This one story wooden house was built towards the…

Chogen no sato: Folk art craft experience

I can make that experience with their own hands the old-fashioned folk art crafted. Let’s make a one-of-a-kind work with…

Hagiyaki Kaikan:Ceramic art experience

In the “Hagiyaki Kaikan”, I hold can have you feeling in the body and skill Hagi tradition of the “ceramic…