2017/08/01 - 2017/08/31
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  • Kumamoto

Yamaga Tourou(Lantern Festival) 2017

Yamaga Tourou Festival starts with ”decorative lanterns” on the 15th of August. The ”1,000 people tourou dance” is magical and…

Hinokuni Festival(Matsuri) 2017

The Hinokuni Matsuri is a festival that takes place in early August predominantly in and around Sunroad Shinshigai (a covered…

Amakusa Hondo Haiya Matsuri 2017

It is a big event of Amakusa’s summer. Amakusa child dancing, lovely children dancing, fireworks festival to be launched to…

Hanaasobi “Experience to make tofu”

Seminars reservation is required two or more people, up to 2 days before. You can experience it up to eat…