2017/05/01 - 2017/05/31
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  • Oita

The 70th Hita Kawabiraki Tourism Festival

“Hita Kawabiraki Tourism Festival” will tell the coming of early summer in riverside Hita. Fireworks of the main event will…

Aonodōmon – Blue Flower Field Festival 2017

We will hold the event for the first time this year. We are planning to open food areas and stage…

COMPAL Kids Festa 2017

This year we will hold the theme of experience · Bodily sensation · discovery. It is a lot of fun…

Oita Ekimae Ramen-Haku 2017

This is one of the biggest ramen event in Oita! “Oita Ekimae Ramen Exhibition” is held this year too! Hideyuki…

Oita Beziflu Festa · Curry edition

It is a plan to convey “food enjoyment” and “deliciousness of prefectural produce ingredients” by providing meals using plenty of…

Sumo Collection Exhibition (Oita)

In this exhibition, we will publish a variety of sumo related materials.

Umitama experience Park “Tsukumi Dolphin Island”: Paid Experience Program

Umitama experience Park “Tsukumi Dolphin Island”, hands-on facility on the theme of human and dolphin “healing petting …”. You can…

OITA FRAGRANCE MUSEUM: Perfumer workshop experience

You can experience the making of the original fragrance. The reservation is required at the reception. In addition, you must…