2017/08/01 - 2017/08/31
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  • Oita

Kyushu Ramen’s Fes in Oita 2017

This event has ended.

Honba Tsurusaki Dance Festival 2017

This event has ended.

Oita Tanabata Matsuri 2017

This event has ended.

Ghibli Exhibition(Oita)

This event has ended.

Umitama experience Park “Tsukumi Dolphin Island”: Paid Experience Program

Umitama experience Park “Tsukumi Dolphin Island”, hands-on facility on the theme of human and dolphin “healing petting …”. You can…

OITA FRAGRANCE MUSEUM: Perfumer workshop experience

You can experience the making of the original fragrance. The reservation is required at the reception. In addition, you must…