2017/02/01 - 2017/02/28
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  • Iwate

The 59th All-Japan tournament Wanko soba 2017

It is a competition where you compete with local cuisine Wanko soba how many cups you can eat within 3-5…

Iwate snow festival 2017

This event is packed with snow statues, event stages, and a giant slide. Look, play, and have fun! Every night,…

Sanriku Railway “Kotatsu train” 2016-2017

A seat of ” Kotatsu train” is a kotatsu. The events are also plenty in the train!

Hachimantai Stamp Rally 2016-2017

This event is a stamp rally where shops of Hachimantaira City will participate. If you receive 5 or more stamps,…

Mori no kodama kan: Experience Corner

It is a popular spot to make or pressed flowers / woodworking / vine crafted with flowers around, can experience…

Edelwein – Winery Tour

Edelwein is in Iwate, Tohoku, Japan. We use the grape from the local area. We are sure you love wine…