Uzumasa Edo Sakaba 2017 autumn

This autumn, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the restoration of imperial rule,
a legendary party returns to the paradise of Japanese period dramas, Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

Step one foot inside and enter the world of the Edo period.

The atmosphere of premodern Japan is recreated by the crisp autumn breeze sweeping through the night, the soft glow of paper lanterns, the mellow sound of shamisen music, the fragrant haze drifting from the tavern, the glamour of the geisha quarters, and in the alley beyond it, ronin smugly exchanging cups of sake…
Admire Japan’s prided traditional performing arts as you indulge in delicious Kyoto sake and savor meals from prestigious restaurants in the stylish evening event catering to mature tastes.

Themed around the fall of the shogunate and the restoration of imperial rule, this year’s Uzumasa Edo Sakaba invites you to stroll among samurai and kimono-clad girls, catch a glimpse of patriots of the restoration charged with a secret mission, and feel the flames of an exhilarating moment in history amid the cool autumn breeze.

Uzumasa Edo Sakaba “Autumn of Restoration Eve” welcomes you to an event more refined than ever.
Change into your favorite kimono gown and embark on a journey of Kyoto as it revisits the Edo period four centuries ago.

Please purchase tickets via the dedicated website.
Advance payment is required. Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Last updated: 30 October, 2017

25 November, 2017 - 26 November, 2017

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

6,000 yen

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

10 Uzumasa Higashi Hachioka-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8586

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