Category: Alcohol

Sake Fes 2016 Vol.7 HOT DRINK

It is a tasting event for hot alcohol. There are wine, plum wine, fruit wine, rum, matcha, amazake ( sweet…

Noseden Wine Train 2016

Noseden Wine Train will run! Enjoy Italian wine and food for Christmas.

Shinshu Wine Valley Train “Rokumon” – Mariko Vine Yard -

It is a wine train in Nagano. You can enjoy Shinshu Wine, made in Shinshu, Nagano, in a tourist train.

LIFE with WINE #10

Japanese wine + Japanese dish + Daily life “LIFE with WINE” This is the 10th event, over 30 Japanese wineries…

The 4th Sendai Wine Fest

Over 150 kinds of wines are lined up at this event “Sendai Wine Fest.” You can tasting freely and buy…

syokunotaikanivent [takeshi hurusato caravan]

I hold a side dish of Ueda-shi, Nagano and a sampling tasting party of the sake.

Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016 in Sumida

Craft Beer Over 50 kinds of selected Japanese Craftbeer in supreme condition!! Enjoy!!! Beer 1 Grand Prix “JCBS Award :…

Black Tie Christmas Party Ogasawara Hakushaku Tei

The Michelin star winning Spanish restaurant, Ogasawara Hakushaku Tei will hold a Black Tie Christmas Party on December 23rd, 2016….

Miyada Village Wine Festival 2016

We would like as many people as possible to know about wine made in Miyada and host a wine festival….

Wine Train 2016 -Assemblage and Tama Monorail-

Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail Co.,Ltd. runs a special wine train, organized in cooperation with “Assemblage”, group of young wine makers…

Yamahashi Wineries Fair 2016

Yamanashi is one of the representative wine producing region in Japan. 22 wineries from Yamanashi get together at Hollywood Plaza…

Echigo Nagaoka Bishu Meguri – Meet Tasty Sake in The Town

Nagaoka is one of famous sake town in Niigata, Japan. 34 restaurants serve special menu which can be taken stamps…

Enjoy Sake!

Japanese sake tasting event in ENGLISH! Enjoy 4 different cups of sake tasting and know about sake, history, and culture!…


Enjoy the deep red and the elegant and sharp white from the world’s largest winery with 110 years of history.

Takahata Wine – Winery Tour

We are welcome to visit our winery, Takahata wine in Yamagata.

Edelwein – Winery Tour

Edelwein is in Iwate, Tohoku, Japan. We use the grape from the local area. We are sure you love wine…