Category: Flea Market and on-site sale

mel-merry market vol.7 2018

Original only! Exhibition sale event of original illustration

Shirakawa Daruma Ichi 2018

Daruma Ichi is held on Foundation Day in February of each year. During this festival, daruma (traditional papier mache dolls)…

Kagoshima Art Festival

It is an event that you can enjoy the exhibition, sale and exchange of artists who work in Kagoshima prefecture…

World Valentine Festival 2018

The world’s traditions, culture and food to enjoy events in each country. ※Rain or shine

The 6th Tokushima Tourism · Bussan Fair in TOKYO

“Tokushima Tourism · Bussan Fair” is the largest Bussan exhibition and live stage event in the country of Amami archipelago…

Rabbit Carnival 2018(HIROSHIMA)

Rabbit Carnival 2018 is a “festival that touches cute little rabbit miscellaneous goods”.

Matsue English garden “Christmas rose fair 2018″

Christmas rose which blooms in the garden of February. Elegance, beautiful appearance and the elegance feeling in the color of…

Wonder Festival 2018 Winter

“Wonder Festival” started for publicizing own creativity by exhibiting and selling their works regardless of a professional and amateur. It…


The festival in which “SNOW MIKU (Hatsune Miku)” enlivens the wintery Hokkaido! “SNOW MIKU 2018” is a festival in which…

Cinderella stage 6Step

Idol Master Cinderella Girls only doujinshi sale Association After the event scheduled to be held after the closing

Aikatsu! only event “Entertainers card life!”15

Aikatsu! Love Koyonaku, if those who have been a coterie activity, is anyone can join.

Agano-yaki Valentine Ohoco 2018

Valentine special project will be held for a limited time at Agano-Yaki Ceramics Museum.


Coterie spot sale society

Ohi Racecourse flea market (January 2018)

Very well known popular venue. Here come everything up representative flea markets. In hot days. Because parking car outlets A…

Mihara Shinmeiichi 2018

Festival inherit the tradition of 440 years as city coming spring to Bingoji. Such as street vendors and events of…

Kanmuriyama General Park Plum Festival 2018

Please come to Umezono where you can see the Seto Inland Sea.

Setsubun market in Okage Yokocho

In the lunar calendar, the beginning of the year was the beginning of the spring, and Setsubun was thought like…


The “COMITIA”, cartoonist that regardless of professional and amateur is the exhibition and sale to announce and sell a book…


It will start on JULY 27 2014. The fourth Sunday of every month. 9:00~I will be held until the evening.(Cancelled in…