Category: Hands-on activities

Apr 29 - May 06

Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2015

Golden Week of big event a “Odaiba Hawaii Festival” has decided that it will be held again this year! Are..

May 03 - May 04

Mars wine festival 2015

In Yamanashi Mars winery , you can now put the feelings of gratitude to the daily patronage , during Golden..

May 17

Okonomi Intercultural Exchange

We are hosting the 3rd intercultural event, which is “Okonomi Intercultural Exchange”!!! Have you ever heard of Okonomiyaki before? Soooo..

Mar 27 - May 10

AR Art Museum

AR Art Museum is an exhibition featuring paintings that, when viewed with a portable terminal, reveal another ‘reality’ through the..

May 16 - May 17

Sakaide Salt Festival 2015

This festival will lore specialties Sakaide “salt”, praised Kume Eizaimon Michikata that contributed to the salt field development. In addition,..

May 01 - May 06

shikinejima takarasagashi 2015 GW

Let’s challenge a solving the riddle event at Shikinejima!

Jun 06 - Jun 07


June is “Environment Month”! The “This I want to protect the beautiful Earth” theme, the efforts should be made to..

May 30 - May 31

Yokohama central town festival Y156

Yokohama city, which has built a history and culture is settled “Y156″ to one, will be held through May 29..

Jun 12 - Jun 14

Noto Yosakoi Festival 2015

“Noto Yosakoi Festival” was held from 1997 to Wakura Onsen is a major tourist center of Noto Peninsula. The 30th..

May 09 - May 10

Tsukuba Festival 2015 / International Exchange Fair 2015

A Spring Festival which features “Science”, the outstanding characteristic of Tsukuba City. Various events centering on children and international exchange..

May 03

7th Okinawan Wooden boat Sailing Festival

“Hokake Sabani” is a traditional wooden sailing ship of Okinawa. This is an event that you can experience the Sabani.

May 16 - May 17

Shonan Festival 2015

As early as the sea of Shonan to taste the summer mood, it is an event “Shonan Festival” to be..

May 16


The event which does a disguise of a zombie and enjoys a walking.

Mar 21 - May 24

Treasure hunt of Yo-kai Watch in EDO WONDETLAND

Let’s challenge the treasure hunt event which is a theme of the popular animation “Yo-kai Watch”! About Yo-kai Watch (Wikipedia)..

Apr 04 - May 06

Iga Ueno Ninja Festa 2015

Iga Ueno NINJA Fiesta this year will be held from April 4 to May 6. The Festa, soil during the..

Apr 25 - May 06

Tomica Expo in Osaka 2015

In Tomica Expo, can happily experience until there Tomica at the factory. Children and their parents can enjoy all of..

May 17

The 8th Live Earth Matsuyama 2015

Outdoor festivals held in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. This is an event that you can feel in to experience the environmental..

May 17

NAKANOJO Sanada Ninja Walk

It is a walk event to overcome a number of challenges endless become a Sanada Ninja.

Jan 18 - May 31

Wadakanko Strawberry union Strawberry Picking 2015

Akihime, Sachinoka, Tochiotome, Fukuharuka, Benihoppe, such as Asukarubi, I enjoy a lot of types of strawberries are all-you-can-eat. It has..

May 02 - May 03

Mino Outdoor Festival 2015

Experience outdoor (cycling, trail run, diving, scuba diving, parckafts, canoe,  bbq .etc) at the Mino.