Category: Performance

Gunma vs Tochigi vs Ibaraki, Gourmet fight in Kiryu 2016

This is an event that can eat delicious local food of Gunma, Tochigi Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture. In addition, this…

The 22th Iwami Kagura tournament

Including the city Kagura out of a total also appeared Kagura organizations and children Kagura toll-prefecture. Please enjoy the “Iwami…

Suginami Festa 2016

This festival is varied stage events to be able to enjoy with your family, tents and food play.

The 65th Ube City Festa 2016

Every year in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s leading festival crowded with more than 200,000 people. Parade and flea markets, such as the…

The 12th Miyako Festival (Tokyo Metropolitan University Festival)

Tokyo Metropolitan University festival will be held in November 3, 4, and 5!! The theme of this festival is “watch”….

Shibuya StreetDance Week 2016

Shibuya is in the city of dance! Audience performance and also can participate, dance show by the dancers of the…

Oma Tuna Matsuri 2016

Oma tuna is sold after the Tuna Slicing Show.

Yuru-Chara Grand Prix 2016 in Ehime

Yuru-Chara a large collection of Japan! About Yuru-Chara (Wikipedia) Yuru-chara (Japanese: ゆるキャラ Hepburn: yuru kyara?) is a Japanese term for a…

Mandakou D-K live Symphony of Vision 2016

Mandakou will deliver a grand and special events brilliant.

The 18th Fujisawa citizen Festival Shonandai Fantasia 2016

This year will be held at the station around the theme of cultural creation starting from a dream. In addition…

YOSAKOI sasebo Festival 2016

YOSAKOI Sasebo festival, about 170 team play plans from the national YOSAKOI festival largest in Kyushu. The venue, the 12,…

Enoshima Festival 2016

Enoshima Festival charm a lot of it, such as experience, touch, hear, see was jam-packed! ! Hawaiian events, music, yoga,…

Gardening World Cup Flower Show 2016 in JAPAN

Festival that world top Gardiner gathers and competes for the skill. We greet the fourth year in this year, and,…

Iijan Kawasaki 2016

Mall of six in the Kawasaki will do a variety of events scheduled for this festival.

The 32th ikiikinobinobinagatofurusatomatsuri 2016

The opening to the flea market from local products sale, there are a lot of planning, such as stage and…

Tokyo My Matsuri 2016

Child is the festival of the protagonist this. The festival will showcase the dance to the music of children incorporating…

OIZUMI Carnaval 2016

Gorgeous Samba team held contests on the stage, you can enjoy authentic samba impressive.

Super American Festival 2016

Super American Festival is Drag race in Fuji International Speedway, Japan.

Non-verbal performance”GEAR”

We would like to invite a pair five sets! Please see our show! 【How to enter】 Please send us a…