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DANCE Fes WAN -ver8-(Tottori)

Over a record number of 74 organizations this time is 2 days, you engaged in a hot stage the Yonago…

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off game VS Chinese Taipei

WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC,Send-off game. Representation from Japan VS Chinese Taipei Selection Team. 2.28(TUE) 19:00- 3.1(WED) 19:00-


Hiroshima Toyo Carp that wrapped Hiroshima with delight in this year’s first league championship in 25 years. Collaboration between Hiroshima…

Sanin Hamada Port Marine Ohashi Relay Marathon

Hamada Marine Observe the beautiful view of the Sea overlooking from the Ohashi, relay the team.

Ishigamisan Women’s marathon

“Ishigamisan Women’s marathon” has Chidorigahama as the goal, and there are three events of half marathon, walking, 10 km marathon….


It is held at YASEA PARK special course in CYCLOCROS Kochi which is very popular all over the world. There…

Yukigassen in Shikoku 2017

1/28: Enjoy 28 League, Ladies League, Beginner’s League 1/29: Shikoku League, Enjoy 29 League, Junior League, Kids League

Traditional Log Rafting

This is the only place in Japan where tourists can experience logging rafts. Feel the soul-stirring paddling of rafters as…