A shape to become a tree

“What is the richness that wood produces”
Recently, things using wood are drawing attention. It is not limited to public buildings such as New National Stadium and various school buildings,
Even in private construction and furniture industry we are also trying to incorporate trees.
People are the products of nature. As a thing to live in the natural world, it may be said that it is a natural consequence from the modern living environment.
It can be said that we are a very meaningful phenomenon for human society.
However, I feel uncomfortable feeling of incongruity.
I feel that the tree is becoming a thing which I do not understand at all in a deep meaning. Cedar, Japanese cypress, zelkova etc.
Many tree species make various things, the tree species used there is inevitable, there is a maker’s mind.
However, I think that there are not many people who can sense not only the difference in tree species but also its necessity and thought.
Surely there are not many people who dislike trees. However, the current living environment is surrounded by many petroleum products,
I also feel that it has become incomprehensible. Why do you feel that it is incomprehensible? People there there primitive existence
I think that I can not feel it. I can not see the form of herself too much. Just being given a moment
I just forget it, I do not forget to enjoy it. I can not enjoy it as my own thing.
In that respect, it is easy to see the original figure of a tree. Therefore it has become too much of Atari Mie.
As a result, it is not reflected in the hearts of many people. However, trees grow in many places, and in various scenes
It is being used. I think that people inherently want “the richness that wood produces”. The hand not using this situation
It is not.
Then, how can we become aware of “the richness that wood produces”?
I think that the act of “making” is important. To produce things is “joy”, it is felt from “making”
I think that various experiences are connected to “richness”.
Vaguely change the general feeling of “I can do what made of wood” to a more concrete image, leading to richness
 Will not it be a step?
I would like to deepen the intuition by listening to the opinions of many people related to trees.
From such a thought, we have organized this exhibition, symposium and workshop.
Various people related to trees (government, timber traders, mountaineers, writers, etc.) passed things in front of the actual things (trees, works, tools, etc.)
By setting up a place for information disclosure and discussion, from the Shinkiba of the representative timber supply base in Japan to the rich world construction through trees
I think that the door will come into view.

Last updated: 9 March, 2018

21 March, 2018 - 29 March, 2018

11:00 am - 7:00 pm

free entrance  Workshop participation fee1000 yen Communicating in Japanese


1-18-8 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0082

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