The Century OF Bicycle(Chiba)

Bicycles are produced in the early 19th century by idea of inventors; and 200 years. Bicycle continued always performing innovation of concept of human movement with the history. As for the bicycle which came up as high-quality article for leisure that wealthy people enjoy, mass production in factory becomes daily necessities which the public can reach with becoming before long, and it is vehicle which is the most familiar to us today. On the other hand, competition of bicycle was carried out from the dawn, too. Tour de France to be known as bicycle race of the world’s highest mountain meets 100 times of holding in 2013 and gathers many fans now from the world. In late years bicycle attracts attention in fashion from the viewpoint of ecology as eco-friendly means of transportation again, and it may be said that bicycle hides various possibility in the 21st century.
 Lake Inba cycling road goes, and, for the bicycle large country Netherlands and Sakura citizen in friendly relationship, bicycle may be favorite vehicle among other things. As the stage of comics “feeble pedal” about saikindeha bicycle race animated version, Sakura becomes `sacred place for animation fans’.
 By book exhibition, we introduce – including the history, Living, art from various lateral – appearances of bicycle and future figure and read Living and society of people and close relation with bicycle.

Closed day: On Monday

※Because entrance hall is in aseismic reinforcing work, during period of exhibition, front entrance is not available. I am sorry that I’m sorry to trouble, but I would like cooperation to enter facilities at temporary entrance of the front east side.

Last updated: 24 October, 2017

28 October, 2017 - 17 December, 2017

10:00 am - 6:00 pm (as for the admission until 5:30 pm)

View charges: General 800 (640) Japanese yen / university student, high school student 600 (480) Japanese yen / junior high student, primary schoolchild 400 (320) Japanese yen / preschool child for free:In parentheses, advance sales and groups fee of 20 or more

Sakura City Museum of Art

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