World Sculpture Contest 2018

The only official international ice sculpture competition held in Japan.
These delicate, fragile-looking works of art can only be produced in Asahikawa’s cold winter climate. The sculptors work day and night over two consecutive days to create thees masterpieces. It is truly fascinating to watch the sculpting process throughout the night. Once complete, the sculptures are lit up every evening.

Sculpting: 7pm on February 7 – 11am on February  9
Display:11am on February 9 – 10pm on February  12

59th Asahikawa Winter Festival 2018

Last updated: 6 January, 2018

7 February, 2018 - 12 February, 2018

Around the JR Asahikawa st.

7, 5joutouri, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 070-0000

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