Workshop for Japanese Experience

Japan has rainy season* at many areas. It makes people stay inside, so why don’t you join the event at the inside? We offer you various kinds of event such as cha-no-yu. Also you can have valuable experience without getting wet!

*The East Asian rainy season, commonly called the plum rain (梅雨, tsuyu, baiu), is caused by precipitation along a persistent stationary front known as the Meiyu front for nearly two months during the late spring and early summer between eastern Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. The wet season ends during the summer when the subtropical ridge becomes strong enough to push this front north of the region. (Wikipedia)

Experience Japan high technology

Japan is known as high technology. To visit inside of factory is trend now but also we recommend you to join bus tour.

Our Selection:
Night View of the Factory Zone of Kawasaki

Do you know about the current Kawasaki tourist spot that is getting attention from tourists not only from other prefectures but also from overseas? It’s the nighttime viewing of the Kawasaki industrial zone that spreads along the Tokyo Bay. When a monitor tour was held in 2008 it was overwhelmed with applications by more than 10 times the number of people solicited, and official periodic tours started from 2010.

These photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

Sunny day in the rainy season

You have a chance to enjoy outside. Our guide takes you to popular sightseeing places.
Why don’t you join us?

Our Selection:
Kyoto free travel

Kyoto Free Travel offers free guide for foreigners who travel around Kyoto. Let’s explore the historical and traditional places in Kyoto. Our activity is opened every Saturday, but if you want other day, feel free to ask us! We can arrange only for you.

We pick out workshops. Feel Japan in your body!

Japanese cooking experience at TOKYO KITCHEN

If you are not really satisfied with just eating Japanese food, TOKYO KITCHEN is the solution ! You can learn…

making a kumiko in Tanihata

Making your own kumiko, a traditional craft The kumiko is a traditional craft that has been refined over centuries since…

Experience making goldfish lantern/Yanai striped cloth

Hands on experience with making “Goldfish lantern” and “Yanai striped cloth”. This one story wooden house was built towards the…

Sannai-Maruyama site “Jomon JiyuKan”:Workshop

Workshop activities are hosted daily by the Sannai-Maruyama Ouen Tai (Sannai-Maruyama Support Group). Come drop by for a fun experience!…

Ogawa Hata ten “Nagasaki Hata Museum”: Hata(Kite) making experience

Kite is called “Hata” in Nagasaki. You can enjoy the world of kite with a sense of reality in a…

Niigata Senbei Okoku

Senbei Okoku, which means “the kingdom of rice crackers,” offers visitors the rare opportunity to try roasting rice crackers by…

RURIAN GLASS STUDIOS: Blown glass, Kaleidoscope, Stained glass, Fusing experience

- Blown glass experience price: 3,240yen It takes up the cloth of glass, and we are molded to put blown…

Traditional Log Rafting

This is the only place in Japan where tourists can experience logging rafts. Feel the soul-stirring paddling of rafters as…

Nighttime Factory Zone Bus Tour (Hato Bus)

Kawasaki factory night view tour of the rising star! They were prepared and spot professionally night view is selected carefully,…

Kawasaki City Factory Zone – Nighttime Pleasure Boat Cruise

Let’s enjoy the night view of the Kawasaki factory ship from the houseboat. It is a tour that can be…

Night View of the Factory Zone of Kawasaki Bus Tour (White Bear Family)

One of the four big factories in Japan, one of the night view of the factory in Kawasaki coastal area…

Ishikawa tourism of the products museum “Japanese sweets handmade experience”

Craftsman of Japanese sweets Kanazawa, teaches carefully how to make Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets will be able to bring back….

Edo Kiriko experience

Edo kiriko with geometric pattern creates beautiful shine. The beautiful traditional pattern, choose your favorite grass, can be created. Rate:4,000…

Yamako-senbei Soka Senbei(rice cracker) homemade experience

“Garden of Soka rice cracker” is a theme park of rice crackers that features a corner experience that can be…

WATARIGLASS studio: Blown glass production experience

Was blown breath on glass, creating a vase or cup. Make a shape while reheated many times the glass attached…

Zazen (Seated Zen Mediation) in Shunkoin

Zen Meditation Class and Dharma Talk (90 Minutes): Traditional Zen Philosophy and Application to Your Everyday Life Our Zen meditation…

Yuufuugama 1day trial classroom Pottery

I produced cups, small bowl, dishes, etc., the two works. I will produce two works in one and a half…

Fake food work experience (Tokyo)

It is an experience lecture which makes a fake food. About Fake food (Wikipedia) Fake foods are made from various…

KOHO Nishiki traditional textile studio visit & Weaving experience

It is a textile artist, a textile studio of Koho Tatsumura. The commentary including a textile art work and a textile…

Wind chime

You will find own original wind_chime that is you will first experience of drawing.