Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-

“MANGEKYO”, an original entertainment feature, will be planned and produced together with a “wadaiko”
group, DRUM TAO, which has held public performances in 500 cities in 24 countries in the world and
drawn a total of seven million spectators. This performance will utilize the newest projection mapping
technology, which has improved since the 2017 performance; and, by the fusion of the impressive
traditional sounds of wadaiko and modern light production, plus specially-designed costumes, the
performance will provide the world with quality Japan-specific entertainment.

Last updated: 15 May, 2018

19 May, 2018 - 20 June, 2018

Start at 1:30 pm:Start at 5:00 pm:Start at 5:00 pm

SS seat:9,500yen/S seat:8,500yen/A seat:7,500yen

Alternative Theatre (Yuraku-cho)

Annex 7F, Alternative Theatre Yuraku-cho Mullion (Yuraku-cho Center Bldg.), Yuraku-cho 2-5-1, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo 100-0006

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