English Sightseeing Tour in Bunkyo(Nov 25)

Bunkyo City is pleased to offer foreigners a walking tour, organized by Bunkyo English Volunteer Guides. Visiting Spots: 1. University of Tokyo, renowned for its academic excellence, is the oldest national university in Japan. “Akamon” was constructed in 1827. You will enjoy yellow Ginkgo tree leaves in the campus of the University of Tokyo! 2. Nezu shrine built in 1706 by the then Shogun, is beautiful with a “Gongenzukuri” architectural style. Its seven structures are designated as important cultural properties. Tour Code : N 25-11-2017. Fill in and submit an Application Form, via:
Deadline: Thursday, November 23rd

Last updated: 7 November, 2017

25 November, 2017

Meeting time 9:50am 10am - 12:15 noon


University of Tokyo, Nezu Shrine

"Akamon" (Red Gate) University of Tokyo

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