Winter Illumination 2016-2017

In clear air, it is the season when towns shine.
When it is winter in Japan, illuminations are seen at many cities and famous places.
Recently, there are many events to project images on buildings with the Projection Mapping (3D mapping)technology.

Recommended illumination video

The opening of light Festival “kobe-luminarie”

●Sagamiko Illumillion
[HD]The Kanto’s greatest illuminations Sagamiko Illumillion Christmas illuminations

Recommended Projection Mapping video

●Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Skytree Town Projection mapping 2013

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2013

●Tokyo Station
Nikon D800 MICHITERASU TOKYO 2012 Winter TOKYO HIKARI VISION Projection Mapping

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2012

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features winter gorgeous illuminations and Projection Mapping.
How about on outing and a dating? It is cold out, but the heart surely warms.

Echigokawaguchi Kamakura Firefly Festival 2017

It is a snow festival in Kawaguchi, Niigata. Thousands of candles make fantasy world in snow field. There are many…

Towadako Winter Story 2017

It is the mystical illuminations of Lake Towada during winter. Fireworks (everyday 8:00 pm – 8:10 pm) The Maiden Statue…

KAIYUKAN(Osaka Aquarium) Winter Illumination 2016-2017

This winter KAIYUKAN, the number of creatures light shining space than ever before. Looking forward to the world of the…

Otofuke Tokachigawa Shiratori Festival Sairinka 2017

Sairinka is a fantastic, unique winter event featuring light objects of all sizes and colors.  The frozen yet firm snow-covered…

Wajima, shiroyone-senmaida Aze no Kirameki 2016

The annual Senmaida Light Up (Aze no Kirameki) is one of the best and most famous illumination events in Wajima…

The Watarase Keikoku Railway illumination 2016-2017

17 Railway Stations of The Watarase Keikoku Line will be illuminated between Kiryu Station in Kiryu, Gunma and Mato Station…

Gotenyama Winter Illumination 2016-2017

This will be the fourth Illumination held in Gotenyama Trust City! At Gotenyama Trust City in Tokyo / Shinagawa, I…

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival 2017

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival is known as one of the best winter events in Hokkaido. This year’s theme…

Hakodate Winter Festival 2016-2017

Create a fantasy world city of Hakodate exotic shining light, it is a special event of the winter. Each year,…

Hoshi no Yume (Dream of Star Illumination) 2016 at Goryokaku

Goryoukaku is specially decorated with an electric bulb. About Goryōkaku (Wikipedia) Goryōkaku (五稜郭?) is a star fort in the Japanese…

The36th Sapporo White Illumination 2016-2017

“Sapporo White Illumination” which was established as a charming sights to decorate the early winter of Sapporo, will celebrate the…

Country Farm Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination 2016-2017

This year’s theme is “great adventure” Illumination changes with the music “of the light and sound show”, the full-length 70m,…

Toki no sumika Winter Illumination 2016-2017

Star who bustle gathered in the tunnel is a concern. Symbol Tower also increased the height dignified towering. Spectacular fountain…

Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination 2016-2017(MIE)

Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination, a grand natural beauty of Switzerland, such as the interaction with animals, in the wonderful…

Kyoto Illumiale 2016-2017

In nature, 1 million illuminations, and snow and aurora are collaboration.


Light bulb number and the 6 million bulbs this year, up to Kanto to power up than last year! The…