Winter Illumination 2017-2018

In clear air, it is the season when towns shine.
When it is winter in Japan, illuminations are seen at many cities and famous places.
Recently, there are many events to project images on buildings with the Projection Mapping (3D mapping)technology.

Recommended illumination video

The opening of light Festival “kobe-luminarie”

●Sagamiko Illumillion
[HD]The Kanto’s greatest illuminations Sagamiko Illumillion Christmas illuminations

Recommended Projection Mapping video

●Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Skytree Town Projection mapping 2013

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2013

●Tokyo Station
Nikon D800 MICHITERASU TOKYO 2012 Winter TOKYO HIKARI VISION Projection Mapping

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2012

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features winter gorgeous illuminations and Projection Mapping.
How about on outing and a dating? It is cold out, but the heart surely warms.

Yukishika Matsuri in Nagaoka 2018

This festival originates from “100 snowmen convention”, and the name has been changed to “Yukishika Matsuri(festival)”. Big snow sliding way…

Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival 2018

“Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival” is held at Uesugi Shrine, Yonezawa city in Yamagata every year. When candles are lit up…

Towadako Winter Story 2018

It is the mystical illuminations of Lake Towada during winter. Fireworks (everyday 8:00 pm – 8:10 pm) The Maiden Statue…

Inaniwa Winter Illumination 2017

With Tendai no yu, Illuminations will be lit for the seventh time this year.

Illumination at Marunouchi 2017

For the 15th year running, the area will be illuminated as we light up about 250 trees along the 1.2…

Tenri-shi Festival of Lights 2018

Tenri about 22 million pieces of light decoration is performed in front of the station, Nara Prefecture largest illumination “Tenri-shi…

Keyaki Hiroba Illumination 2017-2018 Blue Flower Dreaming

Keyaki Hiroba Illumination – Saitama Shintoshin’s Keyaki Hiroba’s annual winter illumination will start on October 21st this year and will…

Chiba city illumination Lumirage Chiba 2017

From December 1 (Fri) to January 31 (Wed), about 300 thousand spheres of LED light are colored vividly in the…

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination 2017

This year ‘s Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination is a pop and cute shining object with everyone’ s favorite sweets…

Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination 2017-2018

Illumination on the theme of winter will be held The “Swan pond” main venue of the Four Seasons area, snowy…

Suma Aqua illuminage 2017-2018

This is an event that fusing the illumination and projection mapping and night aquarium. It will produce the world of…

The 15th Imari Festa 2017

This is the illumination events decorate around the Imari Station.

Kingdom of Light in Glover Garden

3D projection mapping collaborated with Huis Ten Bos entitled “Kingdom of Light in Glover Garden” will be projected on World…

KAIYUKAN(Osaka Aquarium) Winter Illumination 2017-2018

This winter KAIYUKAN, the number of creatures light shining space than ever before. Looking forward to the world of the…

Kakeyu onsen Ice lanterns dream prayer 2017-2018

Every night, the lanterns of ice about 200, in Monjudo and Yakushido neighborhood and light a fire to February from…

Aomori Lights & Paper Pageant 2017/2018

In the snow-covered landscape of monotone, contrast of bright colors and shading and light paper weave is the illumination that…

Chitose – Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival 2018

Ice sculptures that was frozen by spraying the Shikotsu Lake is, in blue sparkle by day and night is fantastic…

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival 2018

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival is known as one of the best winter events in Hokkaido.

Tenmonkan Millionation 2018

This event, we will hold a large-scale illumination that colors Kagoshima biggest downtown area “Tenmonkan” with about 1 million LED…

Kobe Illuminage in Kobe Municipal Fruit & Flower Park 2017-2018

Japan’s first! A huge maze of illumination appears! A huge illumination maze is like a dream world! A glad food…