Winter Illumination 2016-2017

In clear air, it is the season when towns shine.
When it is winter in Japan, illuminations are seen at many cities and famous places.
Recently, there are many events to project images on buildings with the Projection Mapping (3D mapping)technology.

Recommended illumination video

The opening of light Festival “kobe-luminarie”

●Sagamiko Illumillion
[HD]The Kanto’s greatest illuminations Sagamiko Illumillion Christmas illuminations

Recommended Projection Mapping video

●Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Skytree Town Projection mapping 2013

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2013

●Tokyo Station
Nikon D800 MICHITERASU TOKYO 2012 Winter TOKYO HIKARI VISION Projection Mapping

●Caretta Shiodome
Caretta SHIODOME Projection mapping 2012

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features winter gorgeous illuminations and Projection Mapping.
How about on outing and a dating? It is cold out, but the heart surely warms.


On the glass tower that imaged this year’s Christmas theme ‘LOVE & JOY’, there are many sparkling stars! Including tower,…

Nishikawa ILLUMI 2017

LED illumination of about 85,000 balls is color beautifully and is holding “Nishikawa Illumi ’17″.

Omotesando Illumination 2017

Always one of Tokyo’s most popular light-up shows, the Omotesando illumination is back as an annual occurrence, with some 500,000…

2017 SENDAI Pagent of Starlight

The zelkova trees that line Jozenjidori are illuminated with about 600,000 brilliant lights in this winter spectacle of light. Visitors…

Country Farm Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination 2017-2018

This year’s theme is “great adventure” Illumination changes with the music “of the light and sound show”, the full-length 70m,…

Flower Fantasy 2017-2018

Light Flower Garden biggest Illumination event in Eastern Japan width 4 million lights It is our 16th performance and authenticated…

Suigo Sakura Illumination 2017-2018

“Light Art~Suigo Sakura Illumination is will be held in Kasumigaura General Park.

Tsukinoki Light Fantasy vol.30

Tsukinoki(Japanese zelkova) is Akita-prefecture designated natural treasure. “Tsukinoki” is surrounded by illumination and turns into a huge tree with a…

Kokura Illumination 2017-2018

Illumination events to be held in Kokura. Various illuminations lit the night of winter.

The 30th Pagent 2017 NIIGATA

“Pagent NIIGATA” is a light festival in Niigata every year during winter season. Boulevard trees are decorated with lots of…


This year’s concept of “photogenic”. To arrange a chandelier and oriental lantern western modern style, it will be held a…

Isesaki Illumination 2017 in Kesouji

It is a grass-roots illumination event. Bridges, trees, and others are decorated with multicolor LED.

Hiroshima Dreamination (Illumination) 2017

“Hiroshima Dreamination,” which has become a true symbol of winter in Hiroshima, will be held for 48 days from Tue,…

Hagi Illumination Festa 2017

Illuminations are lit up around the “Hagi station building” designated as a registered cultural asset at a valuable Western-style station…

Twin Illumination Lights Forest Pageant

Light of 500 000 opens up new doors, illumination of the largest prefecture. Lots of concerts and events are every…


include the wish with which I’ll compare the future brightly from Tokyo and Marunouchi area and hold “Tokyo Michi terrace,…

Tottori Sakyu Illusion 2017

The highlights of the Tottori Sakyu Illusion include the illuminations made with 300,000 light bulbs, sand sculptures brightly lit up,…

The37th Sapporo White Illumination 2017-2018

Was established as a tradition to decorate the early winter of Sapporo “Sapporo White Illumination” will celebrate the 37 th…

Christmas market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehoure 2017

The Christmas Market is an event that is said to have started in Frankfurt, Germany and is an event to…

Winter Flower Illumination in Tottori Hanakairo

It is an illumination event in one of the biggest flower park. About 1.5 million lights are decorated. Close: 12/5(tue),…