Location: Chiba

Matsudo Festival 2017

The Matsudo Festival takes place from October 7 to October 8.

Chiba Urban Monorail Festival 2017

Monorail Festival in Chiba.

2017 NARITA fireworks in Inbanuma 12nd

NARITA fireworks is “fireworks of audience participation” to be held in Narita each fall!

Matsudo Ramen Summit 2017

This is the ramen event that opening of the three well-known stores that were selected from three famous ramen shops…

Otaki Castle Festival 2017

1871 (1871) July, Otaki Castle the abandoned castle with the abolition of the han system buildings inside the castle was…


“ANIDAN GRAND PRIX” is a contest mixing three forms of Japanese pop culture : Anime song, Dance & Cosplay. As…

Sanyo Media Flower Museum Cosmos Fair(Chiba)

Approximately 25 types of cosmos can be appreciated, such as unique varieties and white cosmos characterized by yellow flowers and…