Location: Miyagi

Matsushima Autumn Leaves light up 2017

Autumn Leaves of the surrounding area will be lit up around the light-up of leaves Entsu-in garden. Do you not…


Picked up a flat stone in the dry river bed, throw toward the river, is the tournament compete many times…

Oni Kojuro Festival 2017

This performance is the one you reproduce the battle of warlords that actually happened in 1615. This is the highlight…

Shibata B-grade Gourmet Festival

This is an event that enjoy the B-class gourmet Shibata town in Miyagi Prefecture Sennan area.

Kesennnuma Sanma Festival 2017

Music & Saury festival in Kesennuma city.

Sendai Ramen Festa 2017

This is the ramen event to be held in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.


The purpose of this museum, by using polished sensibility through sense experience, to enhance the imagination, is to take back…