Bungo-ohno Megurukura 2020

In Bungo-ohno area there are two Japanese sake breweries and two Shochu breweries as known as “Sakedokoro”. “Bungo-ohno Megurukura” is a tour event to tour around the breweries and enjoy its products. Taste your favorite sake and delicious local dishes.

Last updated: 7 February, 2020
Date 15 March, 2020
Time 9:30am - 3:30pm
Price 1,500yen
Venue 3 venues in Bungo-Ono City / Ogata venue (Hamashima Shuzo / Kira Shuzo), Asaji venue (Mureduru Shuzo), Chitose venue (Fujii Jozo)
Miemachi Akamine, Bungoono-shi, Oita