Japan whole long-term maturing raw ham festival in KARUIZAWA 2019

Do you know that in Japan the long-term maturing raw ham is made here in the same way as in the Europe? More than 13 studios of raw ham producers from all over Japan, from Hokkaido to the south in Kyushu, bring their famous raw hams aged for over 12 months and gather in Karuizawa and cut raw hams from raw wood with their own hands The only domestic prolific ham event ” Japan whole long-term maturing raw ham festival Vol.3 in KARUIZAWA ” offered to visitors. You can enjoy many unique national hams while chatting with long-term aged ham producers.In addition to nationally produced hams, many local wineries, cheese studios, bonded bread studios,craft beers  now on the topic, Tokachi raclette cheese, cask root, sturgeon etc. will be exhibited (it will be charged separately)

Last updated: 30 May, 2019

7 July, 2019


4,000yen(Consumption tax included.Eat more than 13 kinds of national hams at Festival original plate and compare)

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Karuizawa Hotchi Ichiba

2564-1, Hotchi, Kitasaku Gun Karuizawa Machi, Nagano Ken 389-0113