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“DOMANI: the Art of Tomorrow” Online Exhibition 2020

The pandemic that erupted across the globe early this year cut a swathe across the cultural calendar, forcing us to face the postponement or cancellation of exhibitions, art festivals, art fairs and performances, in Japan and elsewhere. With the primary purpose of the “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” exhibitions being to assist up-and-coming artists, the DOMANI organizers have responded urgently with plans for a “DOMANI Plus” exhibition online, the idea being to demonstrate solidarity and support for the artists as they take their first steps back to normality. This will be the first completely online art exhibition sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and will consist of work by seven past participants in the Overseas Study Program who employ in their work techniques especially suited to the technology and medium, joined by Aoyama Satoru as guest artist, in an exhibition designed to disseminate authentic, internationally outward-looking expression and language emerging from Japan as it is right now to a wide audience at the earliest opportunity.
The subtitle for this exhibition is, “Living on the Eve.” The “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” Exhibition 2020 staged during January–February had the subtitle “Landscapes in Our Age: Scarred and Reborn,” and was an attempt to examine the aftermath of major natural and manmade disasters since the 20th century as seen in the work of contemporary artists. During this exhibition however, portents of the corona-catastrophe to come were already emerging, and it would appear that in fact we live not only in the wake of disaster, but constantly on the brink of the next disaster; in the “interlude” between one disaster and the next. Hence “Living on the Eve,” the theme posited for the artists participating in this online show.
The exhibition website will also be designed to duplicate a real exhibition experience while simultaneously taking advantage of features unique to the online setting, thus serving also as an exploration of further possibilities for the future disseminating and sharing of artistic expression. The team setting up the site will include designers with Overseas Study Program experience.
We look forward to bringing you a very special exhibition featuring a group of stellar young artists hitherto accustomed to traveling and exhibiting internationally, assembled amid the current unprecedented lockdown of the art scene.

Last updated: 8 June, 2020
Date 3 July, 2020 - 11 October, 2020
Price free (held online)
Venue * Open to the public from July 3.