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Special exhibition: Iga ware and Shigaraki ware

Iga ware is pottery baked in the vicinity of the current Marubashira in Iga City. During the Azuchi-Momoyama period, a distinctive work was born in connection with the fashion of the tea ceremony. We will exhibit Iga ware and Shigaraki ware in our collection.

Closed: Every Monday (Open on May 3rd, Closed on May 6th)

Last updated: 19 April, 2021
Date 17 April, 2021 - 13 June, 2021
Time 9:00~17:00
Price free entrance
Venue Mie Prefectural Museum (MieMu)
3060, Isshinden Kozubeta, Tsu Shi, Mie 514-0061