“Miracle in Edo and blaze in Meiji” exhibition

With intense visual such as the vivid colors and the grotesque shapes,There would be a lot of people who laid eyes on the name of Jakucyu Ito and Shouhaku Soga by a television and a magazine, too.They and others, painters of a fantastic idea are revalued and are long,It’s called the “Edo painting boom” I never have above all in recent years.As the year of commemoration when more last year is called 150 years from 1868,You could turn the spotlight on the “Meiji Period” when you assume that Japan advanced modernization from the various angles.

Many schools invent a masterpiece in each so that the Edo Period and hundred flowers may be disordered and bloom.But “miracle” in this Edo isn’t creation from a zero,In addition to learning a work in a previous era and an import by vessel picture from China and Western countries, much stands up.The “blaze” Yokoyama Taikan and Japanese-style painters in Hishida Shunso Meiji Period set free isn’t also sudden,Because a basis in the Edo Period was taken over, didn’t it depend on innovation which could be made?A Japanese painting in topical Edo and Meiji is taken up wholly in recent years at this show.The outline of this greatly excited time is followed through about 180 cases including 16 important cultural assets.

I’ll guide everybody to travel in spring in 2019 and Edo which flashes in Japanese painting history at Okayama for 200 years.

Last updated: 27 February, 2019

15 March, 2019 - 21 April, 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

An advance ticket An advance ticket: 1100 yen (only the public) and matching ticket <2 of public/use which is twice by itself is also possible.>: 2000 yen. Bright ticket <200 of limitation and the public+ voice guide + set ticket of the tearoom>: 1900 yen (Only seven tickets are sold.) Today's ticket The public of 1300 yen and more than 65 years old* 1100 yen and Ko and college student* 800 yen and below the junior high school student* no charge. ※ I'll discount a group of more than 20 people by 2 tenths Please bring the certificate that※ can confirm the* age. ※ You can also see a "Okayama's fine arts" exhibition of simultaneousness period holding with a book exhibition inspection ticket.

Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art

8-48, Tenjincho, Kita-ku Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0814