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Secret of Mucha style

On January 1, 1895, Mucha’s first poster, Gismonda, quickly became a hot topic in Paris. Life-sized Sarah Bernhardt seems to have escaped from the stage. At first glance, the decorative motifs and the arrangement of letters make you feel the delicate intentions that are conscious of the human line of sight. This technique, which followed Mucha’s poster after that, was already called “Mucha style” around 1900 and still fascinates people. This exhibition focuses on Mucha’s representative poster works, and also introduces Mucha-style guidebooks such as sketches and “Decorative Materials”. While unraveling the motif, composition, and Mucha’s design theory, we invite you to the world of “Mucha style”.

Last updated: 18 October, 2021
Date 20 November, 2021 - 3 April, 2022
Time 9:30 am - 5:15 pm (last entry 4:30 pm)
Price Adults 510 yen / High School and University students 310 yen / Elementary and Junior High School students 100 yen
Venue Sakai Alphonse Mucha Museum (Sakai City Cultural Hall)
1-2-200 Belle Marge Sakai Nibankan, Tadei-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka 590-0014