Multicultural Exchange Festival in TOKYO 2019

Multicultural Exchange Festival in TOKYO is to encourage Japan to become a multicultural society as “One Global Family” through promoting international exchange programs and activities since 2015. We’ll have “International Performance” by some international countries, “World Quiz” which is given by various international perticipants about their own countries, and “Greeting Stamp Rally” that leads everyone to become friends each other beyond nation as we greet each other. And there will be more fun and exciting programs that you would love. We hope that this festival will be an unforgettable opportunity for you.

Last updated: 20 September, 2019

4 November, 2019


At door 700yen, advanced apply ticket 500yen

Yotsuya Kumin Hall

87 Naito-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 160-0014