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Two Brushes: Hiroshige’s Scenery and Toyokuni’s Portraits

According to the Ukiyo-e painter ranking in “Edo Sunago Saisenki”, a written commentary on significant events and figures published in 1853, three Eshi of the Bakumatsu era that represent the Utagawa style are introduced as Toyokuni “Nikaho (portrait)”, Kuniyoshi “Musha (warrior)”, and Hiroshige “Meisho (famous sights)”. This exhibition will focus on two Eshi: Hiroshige who specialized in scenery prints and Toyokuni III (Kunisada) who specialized in painting Kabuki actors and beautiful women. These are “Souhitsu” (collaboration) pieces which had two Eshi designing the portion they specialized in, and combining them into one art piece. Part 1 displays “Fifty-three Stations by Two Brushes” in which Hiroshige designed the post-town scene based on the Tokaido and Toyokuni III illustrated the figures related to the post-town. Part 2 will feature “Famous Restaurants of the Eastern Capital” that has Hiroshige capturing the scene and characteristics of a famous restaurant in Edo while Toyokuni III has illustrated the portrait of an actor.

Last updated: 22 March, 2024
Date 2 April, 2024 - 26 May, 2024
Time 9:00 am -5:00 pm
Price Elementary and Junior High Schook students 130 Yen/High School and University students 310 yen/Adults 520 yen
Venue Shizuoka city Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art
297-1 Yui, Shimizu-ku Shizuoka City 421-3103