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The power of science to read cultural properties(FUKUSHIMA)

The mysteries of cultural properties, such as how to protect them, are endless. This time, I focused on the power of science to unravel those mysteries and extract various information from cultural properties. The materials stored in Mahoron, which were read by the power of science, are exhibited along with an introduction to the method.

The museum is closed on Mondays (excluding 8/9 and 9/20), the day after national holidays. Admission is until 16:30.

Last updated: 16 July, 2021
Date 22 July, 2021 - 20 September, 2021
Time 9:30~17:00
Price Free admission
Venue Fukushima Prefectural Cultural Properties Center Shirakawakan (Mahoron)
86, Shirasaka, Shirakawa Shi, Fukushima 961-0835