Tsuchiura whole country fireworks tournament 2018

This competition is of course to contribute the improvement on the techniques aiming at the highest level in its quality, scale & contents, but also this is a big entertainment of sound & light to give dreams and impressions to all spectators.

The competition consists of three divisions, Starmines, Size 10 shells, & Original displays. Each award including the Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry will be given to a winner of each division, which becomes very characteristic of this competition. Especially, the Prime Minister Award given to the best of winners of three divisions is a goal for the fireworks manufacturers throughout the country. This is the best stage for them to show and prove their skills which are highly qualified even among the industry of the world highest level.

Another attractions of this competition are “The wide starmines -The grandeur of Tsuchiura fireworks” and” The ending fireworks” both presented by The committee. ”The wide starmines” is about 2000 fireworks are displayed in only 6min, and “The ending fireworks” is the size 7 shells fireworks are displayed just the same as the number of competition.

This is also a characteristic of this competition that about 2400 volunteers and citizens support the work of information service on the day of the competition and the work of cleaning the place on the next day.

※Photo is a thing of the past.
※Video is a thing of the past.

Last updated: 4 September, 2018

6 October, 2018

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Pay bleachers are part of the venue

Sakuragawa ridge (the neighborhood of school Ohashi)

Sanoko, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki 300-0803

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