Chakkirako festival

Chakkirako festival
(country’s important Intangible Cultural Heritage/UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage)

The chakkirako festival in Misaki is a traditional event held in Miura City and designated as one of the country’s important Intangible Cultural Heritage. Girls aged 5 to 12 perform dances to music holding bamboo sticks(“chakkirako”) and fans. There is no established theory for the origin of “Chakkirako”, but it has been performed in the downtown area as a prayer for good catches of fish since the Edo period. Every year many people visit and take photographs of the festival.

In 30 September 2010, Chakkirako have been added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in UNESCO.

Last updated: 3 October, 2019
Date 15 January, 2020
Venue Kainan Shinto shrine precincts
4-12-11, Misaki, Miura Shi, Kanagawa 238-0243