Kenshin-ko Sai 2019

Kenshin-ko Sai(Uesugi Kenshin Festival) is the event which commemorates Uesugi Kenshin who in a great commander on the Sengoku era.
“Buteishiki(hold a ceremony to affirm its determination to succeed)” and “Shutujin Goretsu(kickoff party procession)” are re-enacted at the event.
Kawanakajima Kassen(The Battle of Kawanakajima)” is also recreated as magnificent Japanese narrative scroll.

Last updated: 2 August, 2019

24 August, 2019 - 25 August, 2019

Kasugayama castle ruin, Kasugayama castle ruin plara, etc.

1357-1, Kasugayama, Nakayashiki, Joetsu-shi, Niigata 943-0819