Matsumoto Bon Bon 2019

What’s ‘bon-bon’ and why’s the whole city dancing in the street … ?? You need to see it to believe it! Feel the heat in the street, as Matsumoto’s unique Bon-Bon Festival captures the town for one exciting evening every summer. It’s part parade, part dance, part party and part carnival as each group sports its own costume, and parades through the downtown streets while dancing to the catchy Matsumoto Bon-Bon tune. This event will surely put a smile on your face and bond you with Matsumoto and its lively residents. Come on down around 6pm, and its best to come on foot as the downtown area streets are closed to cars for this annual summer event.

Last updated: 4 July, 2019

3 August, 2019

17:00-21:30 (Dance 17:50-)